Experienced Heating Engineers

Our experienced and qualified team of Gas Safe heating engineers in West Lothian provide an expert service that ensures reliable boiler installation.

We take a safety first approach to boiler installation that comes with a guarantee and follow-up service for your complete peace of mind.

All boilers we install are fully air tested, come with a 1 year follow-up service & workmanship guarantee. The boilers we install come with a up to 10 years guarantee depending on the model.


Boiler Install

From £1,099

Why Have a New Boiler Installed?


Improved Efficiency

A brand new boiler can save you potentially hundreds of pounds per year operating at 90% efficiency, a huge improvement on older boilers.

Lower Energy Bills

Gas is expensive at the best of times, and with prices rising it makes sense to ensure you have a modern boiler that’s energy efficient to save you money.

New Boilers are Quieter

When you have a new boiler installed you’ll notice it is much quieter than older models due to improved design and materials, a big plus if close to bedrooms.

Environmentally Friendly

Modern boilers bring down the overall carbon monoxide emissions caused by your household, operating in a more efficient manner.

Smaller Size

Modern boilers are more compact, making them easier to place, you can even hide them in a cupboard, which wasn’t possible will older, large boilers.

Advanced Heating Controls

A modern boiler can be compatible with modern heating controls that give you greater control over room temperatures, allowing you to control the heat in each room individually.


What Should You Consider When Choosing a Boiler?


Type of Boiler

There’s a wide range of boilers out there to choose from, each serving a different purpose, suiting different homes.

Placing the Boiler

Kitchens and utility rooms are popular locations for new boilers, considering where the flue will go is important too.

Size of Boiler

Having a boiler that’s too big installed is wasteful, you should seek to determine the correct size of boiler for your property.

Renewable Technology

A more important consideration in recent years with the development of renewable-energy technology for domestic use.