Heat Your Home From the Bottom Up

Underfloor heating is growing in popularity and becoming more and more common, particularly in new-build homes. It offers an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional radiators, with consistent room temperatures throughout your home for total comfort.

Underfloor heating is especially popular in rooms with tiles and cold surfaces, such as bathrooms, shower rooms, and kitchens.

This invisible home heating system allows you to remove radiators, giving you much more flexibility in how you lay out your home furnishings. With this flexibility you can make full use of the space in each room, while still efficiently heating the space to a consistent and comfortable temperature.


Efficient Heating

Expertly Installed


How Does it Work?

Underfloor heating works through hot water being pumped through pipes that have been laid underneath the flooring in a screed that absorbs heat. This heat rises through your floor to warm the rooms above, providing a consistent heat throughout the property.

Because the heat doesn’t emanate from one or two sources in each room (radiators), it is spread evenly throughout the space, radiating upwards from the floor as a whole. Because of the way it works, underfloor heating doesn’t need high temperatures to work.

Underfloor heating can also be controlled in different zones for the property, with each room’s temperature being controlled individually, meaning your living room and bedrooms can be kept cosy, while smaller or less used rooms can be set at a lower temperature to save energy and lower your bills.