Gas Safe Heating Engineers

If your require boiler servicing then our team of fully qualified and experienced Gas Safe heating engineers can provide a comprehensive service that will ensure your boiler is operating both safely and efficiently.

Boiler Servicing Expertise

How Do You Know if Your Boiler Needs a Service?

There are a number of indicators that you can look out for, including a flame that is yellow or an irregular colour, your pilot light repeatedly going out, limited hot water supply, the boiler fan making noise, or the water pressure constantly dropping. If you encounter any of these issue with your boiler than you should get in touch with a Gas Safe heating engineer, such as ourselves, to assess your boiler.

Why Should You Have Your Boiler Serviced Regularly?

Having a regular boiler service carried out can avoid unexpected and expensive breakdowns as well as maximising efficiency to lower your energy bills. During the course of a service there will also be checks undertaken for carbon monoxide leaks, flue exhaust leaks, and an overall check that the boiler is operating safely.


Boiler Servicing

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Power Flush

A maintenance process that removes sludge from your heating system that causes blockages and stops the proper flow of water through the system. This means your boiler has to work harder and stay on for longer, which costs you money. Even if you have a modern boiler and heating system, sludge can have a significant impact on its performance.

Signs You Need a Power Flush

  • Boiler regularly cuts out

  • Boiler makes banging noises

  • Hot water tap temperature fluctuates

  • Cold radiators

  • Very hot pipes leaking dirty water